Dermatology Specialist for Specific Needs

One of the newest trends in dermatological procedures is tear trough treatment. This treatment seeks to refill the sensitive areas just below the eyes in the trough area where a tear would develop. This procedure is extremely sensitive, because it involves skin very close to the eye. Because of this, a dermatology specialist, certified and able to complete the procedure, is recommended. Dr. Selina Clinics, based out of London, UK is a certified and board approved dermatologist. For patients receiving this treatment for the first time, it is a good idea to start with a hyaluronic acid based fillers such as Belotero, Restylane, or Juvederm. These fillers are not permanent, so it is possible to experiment with the amount of filler used to get the treatment you want. Tear trough treatment is available with different fillers, including using the patient's own fat. However, these fillers last longer and are often not reversible. It is important to make sure the patient is positive about the final look and outcome, before resorting to more permanent measures.

Tear trough procedures are extremely delicate, so it is important to only use a dermatology specialist. There are many risks associated with having a treatment done on sensitive areas. First, injections close to the eyes carry their own inherent risk. Further, special care should be used when dealing with the sensitive skin around the eyes. This is area has very thin skin, and the fillers are being injected very near the skin's surface. Some fillers, such as Juvaderm, can cause what is known as the "tyndall effect". This occurs when the tear trough area becomes a blue-gray shade as a result of dermatological treatment. Prior to any treatment, be sure to address these concerns with the dermatologist.